"Why Clients Love Purple"

Missed deadlines, blown budgets, and unfulfilled expectations take a heavy toll on your employees, your customers, your reputation and your bottom line. Our clients understand that project execution can make or break a company.  Projects are vital to realizing your corporate vision, but are often complex, resource-intensive undertakings that require very specific skills sets.  Finding just the right mix from your existing pool of staff can be difficult and leave your day-to-day operations undermanned.  Augmenting your existing staff with external project consultants seems like the right move, but how can you be sure they will both be a good fit and a good value? 

At Purple Impact Strategies, we are project managers first and foremost.  We understand that strong project execution depends on a unique blend of hard and soft skills that is specific to each project.  Using customized questionnaires, we conduct extensive in-person interviews with our clients and our project consulting talent.  We then analyze the data collected and match each opportunity with the project professional most likely to not only succeed, but to hit the ground running and start adding value to your organization on day one. 

Purple takes the long view when it comes to relationships with our clients and our project talent.  We base our placement decisions on what is best for everyone concerned; not short-term profits.